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Beauty in the Eye of the Believer


21 January 2017 – Sharing on the relevance, impact and symbolism of colours in their different professions, industries and faiths, Mr Neil Brian (Catholic), Master Tan Zhixia (Taoist) and Mr Saifulbahry Salleh (Muslim) took to stage at the Singapore Press Holdings Auditorium.  Mr Satwant Singh, a Sikh lawyer, moderated the colourful discussion.


Commenting on the use of ‘colours’ to emphasise on key commonalities within diversity, Dr Maliki Osman said, “Biologically, we are all bestowed with differing degrees of optic lense.  We all don’t see colours in the exact same way.  As such, we have no way of knowing that the red I see, is the same as the red you see.  This inherent inability to have identical perceptions is a quality or advantage for us humans.  And why is it a natural quality or advantage?  Because it forces us to step forward and exchange our views, both in the optic sense and ideological sense. This also applies to how we ought to view religions and worldviews.”


Close to 200 guests comprising faith groups, government agencies and representatives from social and corporate sectors attended the event.  Dignitaries from five foreign embassies including Indonesia, the Philippines, United States, Oman and Pakistan joined the occasion.


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