Sacred Rendezvous

Journey to the Centre of the Heart

11 November 2016 – ‘Sacred Rendezvous’ gathered senior respected religious figures – Former Mufti Syed Isa Semait (Muslim); Sister Janet Wang (Christian), Mr Gurmit Singh (Sikh) and Reverend Dr K Gunaratana (Buddhist), who shared on their respective holy places and highlighted the common essences and impacts — mainly piety, purity and the embodiment of humanity, that motivate pilgrims to embark on their spiritual journeys.  The panel discussion was moderated by Mr Sujadi Siswo, senior correspondent with Singapore's Channel NewsAsia.


In his welcome and keynote address, Mayor Dr Maliki Osman emphasised on the rationale and spirit of the unique interfaith initiative, “We may have different subscriptions of faith.  But we must make conscious and concerted efforts to identify and understand the similarities within those differences that exist in our daily lives, and that which could help us bind even stronger as a nation.”


As part of the event’s highlights, an interactive Virtual Reality (VR) tour feature was made available where guests were ‘teleported’ to the various sacred places — Mecca, Amritsar, The Vatican and Jerusalem,  to have an insight and sense of a religion’s holy site and setting.


Over 200 guests consisting of professionals, interfaith activists and youths from the social and corporate sectors, faith groups, IRCCs, schools and government agencies attended the dialogue held at TheatreWorks, the venue sponsor.  Special guests included dignitaries from eight foreign embassies including Germany, Canada, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka.

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