3 February 2018 - CSCS Foundation of Faiths made its inaugural run at the Launch of the CSCS Nationwide held at the Singapore Management University.  350 interfaith activists and supporters attended the event which was graced by Minister Grace Fu (MCCY) and hosted by the mayors from all five CDCs. 


Four faith leaders and practitioners – Mr Somasekharan (Hindu), Ms Teh Yi Ying (Christian), Ustaz Ashraf Anwar (Muslim) and Venerable N Sumana Thera (Buddhist) presented the basic tenets of their respective faiths at four separate and simultaneous breakout sessions, followed by a dialogue with the participants.


Interestingly, the event featured an interactive web portal to provide ‘Live’ monitoring of questions raised across the four concurrent sessions.  This allowed participants the chance to monitor, choose and move to the session that was addressing the questions of their interest.


At the end of the evening, the speakers and participants gathered for a closing panel, chaired by Dr Maliki Osman (Mayor, SECDC), to highlight and review common and interesting issues that were raised earlier.

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