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8 September 2018 -  Food is common need to all man, and an especially common passion of most Singaporeans from whichever race or whatever religion, given that Singapore is commonly-known as a food paradise. 

While families feast to familial bonding and festivities, food also help foster friendship, facilitate familiarity, flank formalities and fulfil fellowships.  Yet food has forced interfaith friction and fracture due to fallacies, foolishness and fake news.

Host Mayor Desmond Choo of the Northeast District emphasised “We need to consciously and constantly emphasise on our commonalities which can crucially help downplay differences, hence increasing appreciation for diversity, and just as importantly, reduce the risks of conflict. How much of our common sense, and senses, should be used to ensure a beneficial and harmonious co-existence?

Perhaps we need to move beyond the religious rhetoric and engage issues of extremism and exclusivism in a subtler manner, through practical and social approaches, rather than theological.  We need to continue finding ways to strengthen ourselves.  Failing which, these ugly and dangerous issues of extremism and exclusivism, if not addressed, will haunt us and rip apart our social fabric.”  

The panel reflecting a blend of common roots and a dash of the unique Singa spirit, sought to dish for a common palate and lingering staple of sustainable culture. 

Four practising commoners of different faiths and professions – Ms Thilaga G (Hindu, Physiotherapist), Dr Ng Wai Chong (Buddhist, Doctor), Ms Melissa Ong (Christian, Filmmaker) and Dr Norhisham Ma’in (Muslim, Doctor), joined by Moderator, Mr Alfi Sohfian, shared on their respective belief’s unique dietary observances, along with common dietary habits and benefits, based on science and spirituality, and the impact these have on society. 


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