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6 August 2016 -  Four senior medical practitioners of different faiths and from different areas of specialisation — pediatrics, general practice and palliative care — each gave unique and interesting perspectives of how diets have spiritual significance to devotees and health benefits to man in general, and at different stages of a human life.


Over 100 professionals, activists and youths from the social and corporate sectors, faith groups, IRCC, schools and government agencies attended the 2-hour session. The panel comprising Dr K Vellayappan (Hindu pediatrician), Dr Ng Wai Chong (Buddhist general practitioner) and Dr Norhisham Ma’in (Muslim palliative care consultant), was moderated by Dr Ong Yew Jin (Catholic palliative care).


Guest-of-Honour Dr Maliki Osman, Mayor of South East District and Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Defence shared, “Singapore is a multi-faith and racial country. In the community, it is always heartening to see neighbours of different races and faith celebrating festivals together or enjoying food of different cultures. At South East District, we want to heighten the interfaith and race awareness. We believe that by understanding the similarities within our differences, residents within a community will be able to appreciate one another better and thus, build a more integrated and socially-resilient community. This is critical given the increasing global influence and challenges.”

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