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29 April 2017 - Can rhythmic sounds help pop up the souls, or would it rock one's spiritual mettle?  Is music able to humanise and harmonise religions?  Can universal sounds strengthen universal bonds?


‘Pop Up the Soul’ brought together an interesting panel of musicians-cum-educators, comprising Dr Larry Francis Hilarian (Free thinker), Mr Shiu Lixin (Taoist) and Ms Lalitha Vaidyanathan (Hindu), to share on their respective faith’s use of music in its various forms — including hymns, chants, and cultural or musical ensembles.


Highlighting the importance of discussing tensions that arise from daily routines, such as how music used in religious activities can be perceived as displeasing as compared to its sacred symbolism to practitioners, Mayor Dr Maliki Osman reiterated, “We must be conscious that the threat to us is not only terrorism but also extremism, and the politicisation of religion for political and economic gains. We would need to not only be vigilant, but also be consciously, creatively and constantly constructive in our efforts to effectively address and adapt to ever-changing threats.  Take for instance – the right to practise faith versus the right to comfort of others – where should be the middle ground or compromise?  We have to be aware of and understand our differences, by emphasising on our commonalities so as to build a collective resilience. “


The final installment of the CSCS pilot run with South East CDC was personally hosted and moderated by Dr Maliki Osman.  It was attended by government organisations, youths, faith groups and professionals from the social and corporate sectors.

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