Holy Smoke!

Scents & Sensibility

4 March 2017 – Over 200 local guests and foreign dignitaries gathered at Madrasah Wak Tanjong Al-Islamiah for the fifth CSCS dialogue - Holy Smoke! where three selected speakers of well-scented standings and from different backgrounds, shared on their respective faith’s use and understanding of fumes and perfumery on spirituality and society.


The dialogue which centred around incense burning and offerings was led by the panel of Mr Tay Hung Yong (Taoist), Mr S Ramesh (Hindu) and Mr Noor Mohamed Marican (Muslim).  Member of Cairnhill-Moulmein IRCC, Mr Alfi Sohfian, moderated the session.


Hosting the event was Mayor of Southeast District, Dr Maliki Osman, who emphasised that in Singapore’s context where space is a premium and must be shared, compromises are critical such that everyone can find some common grounds.  


Dr Maliki added, “The challenge to compromises is - what does it mean to the individual who is practising that religion.  Some people might ask - ‘Am I forgoing or lessening my own spirituality or my own individual ability to practise my religion?’ And that is where I think it is most important for religious leaders to come forward and provide guidance as to how their faiths ought to be interpreted and enlivened to ensure that their universal values can help mould the individuals' psychological and spiritual senses to dovetail with the nation's common space.”

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