Enhancing Protection for Vulnerable Victims, and other Changes to Criminal Law & Procedure

"The law is not a game... My duty is to make sure that 
games are not played.  So we will change the law."
-    Minister K Shanmugam

13 July 2018 - The Annual Lecture Series run by the Association of Muslim Lawyers (AML) saw Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam speak on the recent substantial legislative changes proposed to the Criminal Procedure Code and Evidence Act. 

Titled ‘Enhancing Protection for Vulnerable Victims, and other Changes to Criminal Law & Procedure’, the keynote lecture delivered by Minister Shanmugam also discussed the ongoing review headed by the Ministry of Law which seeks to bolster existing safeguards to vulnerable victims by proposing over 50 changes with the spirit to (i) enhance the fairness of existing procedures and (ii) ensure accuracy and equity of the criminal justice system.  

The review which looks into amendments to better protect women, minors, domestic helpers and those with disabilities was mentioned to be vital, following iconic cases of abuse and death of vulnerable individuals in Singapore. This is to ensure that the administration continues to meet the needs of law enforcement and to serve the general public interest adequately to continue providing for a safe nation for the current and future generations. 

A dynamic floor discussion followed the enlightening lecture where questions and sharing from the audience from the legal, consular, education, religious, and social service sectors. The latest edition of Al-Mizan - AML’s periodic publication on socio-legal issues, was launched by Minister Shanmugam at the close of the event. 


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