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The Foundation of Faiths programme was conceived as an elementary level of interfaith exchange which focuses on developing foundational understanding of faiths. These dialogues seek to acquaint participants to the basic tenets of different faiths, in a simpler approach.

Foundation of faiths

"It is critical that we constantly make consistent and constructive engagements to assemble our people, to better understand one another clearer, bond ourselves closer, and remove any divisive elements or obstacles.  Only then can we Singaporeans enhance our level of mutual confidence, comfort and camaraderie; holding close and compact together, through thick and thin."

Mr Vikram Nair

Adviser to Admiralty GROs

11 December 2019

Foundation of faiths

Social cohesion requires civic engineering. There needs to be platforms for Singaporeans – native, new or naturalised – to have real and candid exchanges. The CSCS is one ground up initiative that seeks to intensify candid exchanges on common and safe grounds; identify commonalities and amplify common understanding, to deepen acquaintance and appreciation, hence acceptance beyond mere tolerance.

Mr Desmond Choo

Mayor for North East District

8 November 2019

Foundation of faiths

“The Foundation of Faiths series of the CSCS interfaith dialogue programme seeks to provide the platform for better understanding on common curiosities and misconceptions.  We must constantly remain conscious that we are the most religiously diverse nation in the world.  And Singapore is very small.  When we live, work and play in very limited land size, we need to be mindful on how we navigate through tight spaces.  What we do affect our neighbours and those around us.  How we live our lives and how we lead our congregations or communities, will have impact on our next generations.  Whether they enjoy the benefits or carry the burden depends on how we weave or stitch our social fabric today.  There is no room for extremism or exclusivism.  Every religion propagates the common values of respect, love, compassion and graciousness.  We all need to be assured of our own subscriptions or faiths.  Mixing and mingling closely with our friends or other people of different backgrounds will not compromise our beliefs.  There must be give and take. There must be a common spirit and shared common goal for common goodness.”

Dr Maliki Bin Osman

Mayor for South East District

Senior Minister of State for Defence and

Foreign Affairs

24 July 2019