CSCS Foundation of faiths

15 March 2019 – It was another Friday night for a bright and bubbly CSCS Foundation of Faiths (FoF) dialogue seeking key commonalities for harmonious co-existence.  But this round, the mood was one where panellists and participants shared common grief, shock and sadness.  Earlier in the day, the world was gripped and slapped by another mindless mayhem – the cold-blooded massacre of 50 innocent lives in Christchurch.

Enlivening the true spirit of humanity, the CSCS gathering held a one-minute interfaith silent observance, standing shoulder-to-shoulder in heartfelt prayer for the affected families where children became orphans, wives turned widows, parents losing offspring.  

Continuing the CSCS mission to bind and bond through constant and constructive engagements, Reverend Gabriel Liew (Christian), Mr Somasekharan (Hindu), Ustaz Ashraf Anwar (Muslim) and Master Adrian Long (Taoist) took stage for the evening.  The FoF session was moderated by Dr Norhisham Ma’in and hosted by North east CDC. 

Mr Shamsul Kamar, Vice Chairman of North East CDC, joined 150 guests and participants from faith, government, social and education institutions.  Drawing reference to the Christchurch incident, Mr Shamsul reiterated the critical need for conscious and consistent efforts in overcoming the susceptibility of divisive forces to create a resilient and cohesive community. 

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