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“No one is born a terrorist… it’s an acquired process”

Jihad Selfie is Noor Huda Ismail’s efforts in exploring the allure of the ISIS movement and the various motivations behind the uprooting and joining of the terror group.  Jihad Selfie tracks Huda’s journey in documenting how men, both adult and young, get radicalised.


The film’s main narrative centres on a teenager, documenting his footsteps towards the ISIS jihad life. Through a chanced meeting at a kebab store in Turkey, he met the 16-year-old who was captivated by the promise and publicity of the jihad rebellion. His schoolmates had earlier joined ISIS. They were all recruited online via social media.


In the making of the film, Huda engaged with families and friends of radicalised individuals, boarding schools and rehabilitation centres where he collated and concluded that radicalisation is a complex issue, influenced by multiple elements.  Through these engagements, he is convinced that the ‘security approach’ is insufficient to counter terrorism and radicalisation.  Instead, individuals, families and societal groups play greater and more effective roles in preventing and countering the draw to extremism and terrorism.


The Jihad Selfie programme offers the screening of the film and more importantly, the complementary sharing by Huda, co-chaired by broadcast journalist Sujadi Siswo, on the interesting and surprising findings through the film’s production.  These findings are useful tools for society and authorities in addressing the increasing threats of radicalisation which is widespread across physical and cyber spaces.


Jihad Selfie @ SUSS 

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Jihad Selfie @ Harmony in Diversity Gallery

Jihad Selfie @ Al Ansar Mosque

Jihad Selfie @ IRCC Convention