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Cultivating Cohesion through

Collective Compassion

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As part of attending to the hygiene and uplifting the dignity of Singapore’s elder folks and those with medical conditions from lower–income families , South East CDC and IRCC Cares distributed 12,000 packs (120,000 pieces) of quality adult diapers to vulnerable and disadvantaged households across the 12 divisions within South East district. 

More than 100 volunteers from the Inter-racial and Inter-religious Confidence Circle (IRCC); South East CDC’s Racial Harmony Youth Ambassadors (RHYA) programme, students from niche madrasahs and faith organisations, gathered at Wisma Geylang Serai (WGS) to repack and sort adult diapers for distribution to 500 beneficiaries.  Transportation for the distribution to eleven Constituency Offices and nursing homes across South East district was provided complimentary by logistics specialists –  Intercontinental Logistics and Golden Empire Civil Engineering, coordinated by Dredging International.

Joined by student volunteers, Chairman IRCC and Pastor from the Heart of God Church, Mayor of South East District, Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman personally distributed the diapers to households in the Bedok division. In his address at the completion of the Project Dignity and interfaith Buka Puasa, “Today’s activities and this evening’s gathering is about compassion and cohesion.  It is about contribution and collaboration.  It is also about a purposeful project and fruitful fellowship.  Most importantly, it is about serving humanity and sustainable harmony, which is the very essence of our existence, both as citizens, and especially, as humans.” (Dr Maliki’s full speech attached) 

Volunteers, Special Guests (Elderly & Disadvantaged) & Invited Guests from the social, faith and corporate sectors, joined their Muslim counterparts in breaking fast together in a showcase of a compassionate and cohesive Singapore; one where individuals of diverse backgrounds bridge, bind and bond to serve the needs of their people and nation.

Project Dignity is a ground-up initiative involving a 3P partnership, conceived by social and faith institutions – Quantum Mavericks (QM) and Heart of God Church (HOGC), partnered and supported by agencies and organisations from the public, private and faith sectors. 

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Adviser for Siglap and Mayor of South East District, Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman, graced the Observance at MHAS and joined the distribution runs to the households across Siglap.  The distribution was conducted on Siglap CC’s own Silver Mobile (van), donated by the Tote Board and South East CDC, which is dedicated to ferrying physically-challenged elderlies to Siglap Community Centre daily.  

In his address, Dr Maliki shared, “Singapore is what we are today, mainly due to how our pioneers and seniors have contributed during our formative and trying years.  As Asians and grateful citizens, we will always hold our elders and seniors in close attention, great appreciation and empathy.  The Government has been paying significant attention to and addressing the ageing issue, focusing on the welfare and well-being of the Pioneer and Merdeka generations.  At the community level we also do our part in caring for our seniors. In Siglap division, almost 21% of our residents are 60 years and over, slightly higher than the national figure of 19%. As they grow older, their needs intensify. Some have the means and family support to manage, while others do not.”

Religious representatives from the main faiths in Singapore, through the coordination of the Inter Racial & Religious Confidence Circle (IRCC), led a collective prayer for the well-being of the senior citizens, and thanksgiving for the elders’ contributions towards making the Singapore Story a wonderful and worthy journey thus far.

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